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           Personalized customized service experts

          Huangshan Capsule Co., Ltd grasps that philosophy “I have the one that not possessed, and we are the first one to possess that other possessed” with sincere heart. Constantly innovation and development of new technology and products, service mode and the network is necessary within our development concept. We are committed to providing the healthy and the most suitable products and services, and enthusiastic and meticulous every link to meet customers’ demand, and realize personalized customized service experts.

          Function customization

          Based on the special needs for customer that drugs must avoid instability on encountering acid or irritating to stomach when it needs to absorb drug in small intestines, so our company study and develop entersoluble vacant gelatin capsule to meet the customer requirements and keep it a leading position at home in technology According to the various drug compatibility which must crumble and release in the stomach and small intestines respectively, our company developed gastrointestinal colon-gelatin vacant capsule,which provides the perfect solution for vacant capsule. In addition,our company also developed colonsoluble vacant gelatin capsule,Vegetable capsule,vegetable entersoluble capsule,pulIulan capsule,and various type of vacant capsule products to meet demand and the function of different customized for customers.

          Appearance customization

          On the condition that Huangshan Capsule in accordance with the requirement of the national standards, it itself has developed special mold and fine adjustment related parameters, in order to produce the product that meet customers’ drug loading characteristics, production machine and drug characteristics and then to improve customer productivity, resolve the problem that customer meet in the production and sales process, such as drug safety and sales regional differentiation that brought about by the various problems. At the same time, Huangshan capsule can draw out scheme with various kinds of colors and ink-writing according to the customers’ demand to solve the problem that customer meet in recognition of drug goods or mark..

          Service Customization

          Huangshan capsule implement customized close service, in the sales, to understand customers' varieties, characteristics, the production equipment and the working process, then according to the difference of the different customers, establish related manufacturing parameters, making the products in the production process of customers better for use, resolve the problem for customer production. For each customer each species separate Numbers to keep records, for specific requirements and parameters. Send professional customers to a visit, understand customer's products, distribution and service of all parties to feed back and new needs, adjust to solve and recorded to all customers in every year, in order to better written survey of service to the customer. Create customized service experts.

          Logistics center

          Huangshan Capsule logistics center, consisting of storage section in accordance with GMP standard and transport section of over 20 air condition refrigerator wagons, can supply safe, quick, effective high quality service. According to the demands of customers, transport section can handle the service of railway transport and air consignment, and fully meet the demands of supply of various customers. 

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